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How to Recreate a Gilmore Girls-Level of Hygge in Your Own Home

The fictional Connecticut town of Stars Hollow and its neighboring Gilmore Girls' haunts are straight out of a snow globe.  In addition to the Gilmores’ home, similar design concepts amongst the town square, Luke’s diner, both of Lorelai’s Inns, each of Rory’s schools, and even Emily’s house come together to create a look that evokes coziness.  Any episode of Gilmore Girls is long on hygge, the Danish way of living a life that evokes feelings of coziness. Hygge design is characterized by warm colors, minimalist design that prioritizes function, and elements that are inspired by the outdoors. These qualities work together to create an interior space that inspires rest and relaxation, or hygge.  By incorporating the following principles into your home design, you too can achieve a Gilmore Girls-level of hygge in your own space.   Always have a vase (or vases) of fresh flowers around the home While keeping your home in fresh flowers may seem like an unnecessary expense, I have persona

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