7 Nobby Pieces as Seen on Nic in Am I Being Unreasonable?

If you’re a fan of Am I Being Unreasonable? then chances are, you may have fallen absolutely smitten for Nic (played by Daisy May Cooper), if for nothing else than her wardrobe. While much of what she wears was stylish at one point and may not necessarily be currently, everything she wears seems like a perfect fit for her, an exemplary model of what curating your own style looks like. If you love Nic’s look, here are seven pieces to help you emulate her vibe. 

  1. Black Leather Gloves With Red Hearts

While these gloves don’t exactly match her coat (see THE Coat below), she pulls it off, and mixing blacks and browns and golds and silvers well is no small feat. Nic’s black leather gloves are darling, because they are patterned with red leather hearts. While searching for a close match, Etsy proved to have the most options; this pair would do just right. 

  1. An Orange Groovy-Patterned Button-Down Tie Top

When going to retrieve Mr. Meowgi (one of the most purrfect names for a cat I’ve ever heard by the way), Nic wears an orange groovy-patterned button-down tie top. Whether her shirt came straight from the 70’s or the 90’s, it’s no matter, because it’s timelessly fun. This Petal and Pup top screams, “Nic!” and is even fashioned with a short gold necklace (see 3 and 4 up next). 

  1. So Many Chokers

I hadn’t seen this many chokers since the 90’s, but Nic wears several kinds during the show, making them a major part of her signature look. They even look like they’re a little too tight, which somehow makes them (and her) more endearing. This Banana Republic short gold chain necklace is a perfect combo of Nic’s too-tight chokers and the chunky pendant necklace she wears when she isn’t wearing a choker. 

  1. A Chunky Pendant Necklace

Nic knows how to accentuate her best features, and as she is well-endowed up top, she wears a lot of low necklines, which are perfect for a choker or the chunky pendant necklace she wears a few times throughout the show, in particular at her lover’s memorial in the last episode. To find one similar to hers, you may need to frequent the thrift stores, pair the above necklace with your own pendant, or even try your luck at Chico’s for a statement necklace that speaks to you. 

  1. The Hot Pink Flowy-Sleeved Button-Down

At an uncomfortable dinner party, Nic wears a new top that she presumably picked out to impress her lover. Speaking from personal experience, there may be no better way to shop for clothes than when trying to impress a lover (or potential one). While this Forever 21 Flowy-Front top isn’t an exact match to Nic’s hot pink version, it’s definitely in line with her look and could easily be seen in her closet. 

  1. Elton John Glasses (70’s Style Square-Frames)

I had to call these Elton John glasses as Jen (Nic’s future best friend) refers to them, and a comical Google search will prove that these frames may as well be called Elton John glasses; they’re actually “square-framed” glasses. I actually quite love this pair, found on the Urban Outfitters site, called the “Patrizia Plastic Aviator Sunglasses.”

  1. THE Coat (Faux Sherpa-Lined Khaki)

I had to save the best for last: Nic’s Coat. Worn in every episode, as she walks to Ollie’s school, in her last moments at the train with her lover, or on her evening run to the package store, Nic looks completely posh and thrown together, no matter how un-posh or thrown together she may actually be underneath. Her coat is so important to her overall aesthetic that Jen purchases a copycat in a (somewhat psycho) effort to bond. THE Coat almost precedes Nic; this shorter version of THE Coat is a near match. 

While several reviews of Am I Being Unreasonable? claim that the show is a tad dark (that’s an understatement, if you didn’t pick up on it), there is nearly no break in the humor, even at the worst of times, making this the most British, most refreshing show I’ve seen in a very long time; I’m so glad to report that it’s been renewed for a second season!

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