Closet Staples Inspired by the Women of: On the Verge

Netflix’s On the Verge follows four women, who are near the tipping point in almost every area of their lives. Even the fabric of their friendly foursome is strained by the end of the season. Most refreshingly, each of them has older children, allowing for plotlines to delve into lesser-addressed parenting issues. Their easygoing styles match the California backdrop, all achieving seemingly effortless casual yet put together outfits, confirming that one upside to aging gracefully is learning how to put a look together.

  1. An adult pair of jeans. 

Nothing is more adult than a good pair of jeans. Finding the pair of jeans can seem as easy as finding the one. (On a side note, nothing is worse than slipping on your go-to pair of jeans and discovering that they’re a little snug...) Yasmin’s (Sarah Jones) soccer mom look isn’t soccer mom at all. Her jeans are well-tailored, form-flattering, and fashion-forward, but when paired with the white tee, a simple gold necklace, and Audrey glasses, the look becomes timeless. 

  1. The light plaid shirt. 

Ell’s (Alexia Landeau) light plaid shirt, jeans, and half-up ponytail could be inserted anywhere within the last 75 years and communicate the same thing, creating both an ageless and relatable look. As a whole, this outfit is that of a modern Rosie the Riveter.

The trick is to find a light plaid shirt that looks like it could have been borrowed from your teenage daughter (or that your daughter would want to borrow from you), proving this shirt to be complimentary at any age. 

  1. The light dress. 

A light dress is one that can be thrown on in a pinch. It can be worn with nearly any kind of shoe and doesn’t need to be dressed up. This dress completes you without having to spend a lot of time on your hair and make-up. Anne’s (Elisabeth Shue) long-sleeved tunic-like gown compliments her curly hair and go-with-the-flow attitude perfectly. The light dress could bring that go-with-the-flow feeling to you, as well. 

  1. Proper pajamas. 

Begin curating pajamas that make you feel magnificent, because if you do, then you’ll always end and start your day magnificently. Throughout the course of the story, Justine (Julie Delpy) wakes up in her white collared nightgown to write her cookbook, transforming from someone who is being stuffed into the pantry to someone who is finally rejecting her narcissistic husband’s nonsense. Learn from this; investing in proper pajamas is an act of self-love that will likely lead to more acts of self-care. 

  1. The right frames. 

Justine and Anne both wear eyeglasses, while Yasmin’s Audrey sunglasses are elevating enough to forgo make-up and hair. If you need eyeglasses, invest in a pair (or a few pairs) of ones that really compliment your face, frames so complimentary that they look like they were made for your face. Think of taking the time to find the right pairs (eyeglasses AND sunglasses) as a form of aging well. Glasses don’t have to look like Grandma’s, and neither do you. 

  1. Simple (preferably gold) jewelry. 

All four women wear delicate gold pieces, primarily the indiscriminate gold pendant necklace, worn by both Yasmin and Ell with their jeans looks. Both Anne and Justine wear shorter gold chains, which are nearly chokers. To attempt this yourself, try putting on three simple pieces of jewelry the next time you get dressed, and then take one off right before you leave: works every time.

In mentioning On the Verge to my husband, he said, “The one with the four moms?” I was surprised when he said this, because I hadn’t thought of them that way, but I think this is exactly what the show is about. In each of their own ways, the women have lost themselves. They are defined by their roles, whether it’s within their marriage, their careers, or in being a mom. While they all are moms, they are also all women, who more often than not become known for the roles they play, even to themselves. On the Verge is about this identity crisis, but they still manage to look good even while they unravel. 

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