7 Stranger Things Looks From Season 4 that Still Hold Up

The long-awaited arrival of Stranger Things Season 4 failed to disappoint, while the impending finale on July 1st has fans biting their nails. Since it's success after it's initial release in July 2016, the show may be responsible for many trends, such as making riding your bike cool again, or a suspicious correlation between Billy Hargrove and a resurgence of the mullet. Given that the storyline must inch forward through the 80's, and since the show had teased new storylines in Russia, California, and Hawkins during the 1950's, the expectation was a new look for many of the characters. But the overall styles remained the same: classic. 

7. Lucas' Hawkins Track Jacket: A slightly oversized track jacket can make nearly any outfit look instantly pulled-together, while also achieving a very relaxed look.

6. Jonathan's White T-Shirt with an Open Button-Down: There is nothing more American than a well-fitting white t-shirt; worn with an open button-down, the effect is laidback with an air of rebellion. 

5. Another One of Steve's Bomber Jackets: Bomber jackets will never go out of style; they are just as functional as they are iconic. Steve was loved by the end of Season 2, when he wore another gray bomber (with less pockets) and became The Babysitter. 

4. Joyce's Beanie and Murray's Scarf: The autumnal-colored cranberry knit beanie and burnt orange tasseled scarf work well paired together, providing a warm pop of color against neutral outerwear.

3. Robin's Versatile Bob: There is no better way to spruce up your wardrobe than getting a good haircut. Robin's textured Bob with curtain bangs is versatile, because it can be worn two ways, with the bangs full frontal (as above) or off to the side. 

2. the Hellfire Club Baseball Tee: Though it's just a t-shirt, a raglan sleeve top is extremely flattering because of it's unique collar-like neckline. 

1. Nancy's Emerson College Shirt: The college shirt is the changeling of the t-shirt population; it can be worn to work, to the gym, and to bed, fitting into each occasion as equally effortlessly. 

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