3 Solid Christmas Albums That Won’t Require Skipping

Between the never-ending radio and the music blasting from public speakers, sometimes just one more Christmas cover could send you down gag-me-now lane. If that sounds like you, these three Christmas albums could get you through any holiday event or long drive home for the holidays with no need to skip a track and a renewed sense of what Christmas is really all about. Put these on and walk away to enjoy time (and timeless traditions) with your loved ones, with the perfect soundtrack on in the background, with no eye-rolling, no wanting a song to be over, and no yelling, “Hey Google, skip this song!” involved. 

1. J.D MCPherson’s Socks, 2018

J.D McPherson’s Socks is a breath of fresh air for anyone who can’t stand to hear another rendition of the classic Christmas songs as all eleven tracks are originals. Lucky for us, they’re also really good. While Socks was released in 2018, you’d think it came out several decades ago as McPherson’s signature sound is old-time blues or “retro rock.” So even though he isn’t attempting to reinvent a classic Christmas carol, his original tunes have a timeless feel. The album is anything but anti-Christmas; it’s just anti-cover. If Christmas isn't doing it for you this year, then put on "Every Single Christmas" and "fall in love" with this time of year all over again.

2. She and Him’s A Very She and Him Christmas, 2011

There may be no band that’s more hipster than She and Him, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for one of the best Christmas albums ever made. (Hands down.) While it is a cover album, somehow Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward put an original spin on tired songs, such as "Baby It’s Cold Outside," which is one cover that is capable of being seriously irritating. Less popular covers, like "Christmas Day," which evokes all of the Christmas feels, sentiment, nostalgia, and optimistic hope, may outshine their original composers. A Very She and Him Christmas is mellow yet somewhat playful, making it perfect for a dinner, cocktail party or cookie exchange, and even opening presents on Christmas morning. 

3. Chris Isaak’s Christmas, 2004

Chris Isaak oozes confidence. Not only did he name his Christmas album Christmas, but the first track is "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Who could pull off turning a childish tune into a rocking track? Chris Isaak. Sounding a lot like Elvis while also managing to sound original, Isaak is an artist that transcends genres, sometimes sounding country and other times sounding like pure unadulterated rock and roll. While putting his own spin on songs like “Blue Christmas,” which he somehow made uplifting, the album features five original Christmas songs. “Christmas on TV” for example is a love song, because what would a Chris Isaak album be without a damn good sad love song?

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