5 Other Ways to Get Your New Girl On

New Girl is leaving Netflix on April 9th, and if it’s one of your rewatchables, don’t fret. New Girl is just moving homes (or lofts) to Hulu and Peacock on April 17th. In the meantime, here are five other ways to get your New Girl on.

5. Sleepless in Seattle 

Catch a young Rob Reiner, also known as Jess’ father, in possibly the best romantic comedy ever made. I like to imagine that he is actually Jess’ dad before he moved to Portland, met Jamie Lee Curtis, and produced a Jess, especially since his dating advice is a little squirmy when you’re thinking of him as Jess’ dad. (What is tiramisu?) On a non-New Girl note, this movie is fit for women, couples, and children; my son loves it as he seems to relate to Jonah Baldwin. Plus, it’s basically also a Christmas movie (but that’s another post entirely). 

4. Elf

Elf is actually a Christmas movie (possibly the best one ever), and you can enjoy a younger Zooey Deschanel in it as an elf and a blond. My husband can’t help himself but comment every time we watch it, “It doesn’t even look like her,” but personally, I totally get the hipster New Girl vibe from her character in this movie. Her and Elf share one of the most innocent on-screen first kisses of all time, and that scene when she’s eating Ramen noodles in her loveseat on Christmas Eve gives me all the sad-Christmas feels (very New Girl Christmas episode, indeed). 

3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Catch Nick (Jake Johnson) as basically Nick himself in the best Spider-Man movie ever made. This is one of those movies that’s just as fit for kids and adults, and its comical (yet classic, yet modern) take on a superhero movie is just so refreshing. Jake Johnson voices a worn down Spider-Man from another universe, who is far from his prime, fashions a gut, and agrees to mentor Miles Morales. Minus the Spider-Man costume, this character is Nick somewhere in between Caroline and Jess. 

2. Life Is Short With Justin Long

If you’re one of the people that likes to rewatch Thanksgiving episodes of your favorite shows, then chances are, you’ve spent many a Thanksgiving with Genzlinger. One of Jess’ exes, Genzlinger (played by Justin Long), becomes remembered for the ugliest cry ever and Jess’ epic backslide. Though he was only in a handful of episodes, there is something about Justin Long that is so of this New Girl place in time, so of this brand of hipster, and on his podcast, you can relive that aura in real time. 

1. Not Dead Yet 

The only other piece of media on this list that you can catch live is ABC’s Not Dead Yet, which also happens to stream on Hulu. See Cici (Hannah Simone) in the most bonkers non-model outfits ever every week as she plays another bestie to Jane the Virgin (Gina Rodriguez). In all seriousness, this show has some real staying power, and if the viewing gods-that-be know what’s right, it will get renewed for another season. It has an offbeat plot set-up that works, an array of characters that come in every age and walk of life, but best of all, it has that just right combo of humor and heart (much like New Girl herself).

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